Camu-Camu“When Sofiel first landed on my radar I was impressed to learn it was made with ingredients so natural you can actually eat it! Then I found it performs double duty, not only working as a moisturizer but also as an exfoliant, allowing you to use one product two ways. This saves money and shelf space in my ‘beauty closet’ – a total win/win! With twenty years of salon/spa experience and ten years as a freelance lifestyle writer – including many skincare related stories – I’ve tested many skin products and Sofiel stands out as one of the absolute best.”
~Laura Carson Miller,  Georgia
LCM Lifestyle , Lauracarsonmiller.com

“This is an amazing product. Have been using for just about a month and can’t believe the change in my face…I use twice a day now and just love the feel, texture and smell of my skin.  I am so sold on this Cleveland made product that I purchased at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Store. Thanks Peri Skin Care! ”
~Marianne B., Ohio

All in one skin care“I’ve been using Sofiel for about 8 months. I’m 45 and absolutely love the product! I use it once a day at night after I’ve washed my face. A pea size amount is all you need. Results for me have been wonderful! Texture in my skin had changed dramatically. It’s evened out my skin tone and made the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. My skin also looks more uniformed and smooth. It’s kept my skin hydrated and given it a more supple appearance. Wonderful product that has replaced so many store bought items that I used to buy. And to me, the best part of the product are the wonderful ingredients that make up Sofiel. Love the product!”
~Tina V., Ohio

“I was part of the clinical trial for Sofiel last year and have not used another product since!  I use Sofiel for my moisturizer and put it in right before my makeup – it even acts as such a great base for my foundation I have stopped using a primer. I use it again in the evening after i wash my face, and once a week to exfoliate, although quite honestly it seems to do a great job of constantly exfoliating even as a moisturizer. I have had MANY people ask me what I am doing as my skin tone is so even and my skin looks fantastic! Using this twice a day the bottle still lasts 4-5 months.  Highly recommend Sofiel.”
~Mary D., Ohio

Sofiel at Cleveland Clinic“I have used Sofiel once and sometimes twice a day for three months.  People have said to me, “your face is glowing” and “your skin looks great”.  These are such happy words to hear for a very mature woman who doesn’t want to wear a lot of makeup!  When I look in the mirror I know my skin looks softer and smoother with less wrinkles.  I love my mornings after I wash my face because I love putting it on my skin…it feels so good.  Thank you for this wonderful, healthy product!”
~Judy H., Arizona