Essence – Superior Fragrance Roll On


Fresh, fruity and playful scent from a non-toxic fragrance made with essential oils.

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A new concept in fragrance, a natural-based roll-on that delivers a sweet, tropical scent that is alluring yet uplifting. Reminiscent of relaxing days at the beach. Fresh, fruity and playful aroma. Made from a non-toxic fragrance that contains essential oils. Fragrance carrier is plant-derived and oil-based, it contains jojoba oil and is formulated to be non-greasy, non-drying and non-irritating to the skin. The formula contains no alcohol or BHT and is phthalate-free. It provides personal fragrance in a way that is not overwhelming and healthy for the body.


In aromatherapy, it is common to see jojoba oil used as a base for essential oil roll-ons. With Sofiel Essence this concept is taken to the next level. Peri has carefully selected a unique variety of jojoba oil that is best suited for a sophisticated and refined fragrance roll-on. We blend it with other plant-based oils that together make up the most functional and natural base for carrying high-end personal fragrance. It’s healthier for the body than traditional perfumes which are alcohol-based and contain synthetic preservatives. Yet it is lighter and airier in texture that a simple jojoba-based roll-on. It is truly at a place where natural and chic meet to make a revolutionary fragrance formula.


Sofiel Fragrance – high quality without common fragrance concerns like phthalates, BHT or alcohol

Jojoba Oil – natural carrier of fragrance that blends seamlessly into the skin barrier and acts as a conditioning emollient, for a natural non-greasy feel and an aroma that lasts


Roll-on to wrists, nape and pulse points whenever you wish to adorn yourself with the heavenly scent of Sofiel.


Doctor & skincare expert formulated. Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Paraben Free. Pregnancy safe.